FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

■ What is IPL technology?

sweetieskin® emits a so-called broad spectrum light, which is sent to the root of the hair, causing it to fall out naturally and not grow back. Depending on the skin, up to 92% hair reduction can be achieved permanently.

■ Is it compatible with all skin types?

This technique is especially recommended for all those who have rather light skin and dark hair, conversely, the darker the skin and the lighter the hair, the less effective the device will be.

■ Can I start/continue my epilation with the beautiful days?

For the rest of the body, you can continue your epilation with the good weather by respecting certain instructions before and after tanning:

- Tanning before using sweetieskin® :

Wait 48 hours after tanning to use it, moisturising your skin well after the session and reducing the intensity (do not use sweetieskin® in case of sunburn and during the whole duration of the sunburn).

- Tanning after using sweetieskin® :

Wait at least 24 hours (or until any redness disappears) before exposing the treated areas to the sun + apply sunscreen of spf 30 or higher for a week after your session if you plan to expose yourself to the sun (a simple outing in good weather is not considered sun exposure).

■ Is it dangerous for my skin?

No, Intense Pulsed Light technology has a lot of scientific studies about its safety and effectiveness! However, it is not recommended for people with very dark skin.

■ Is it dangerous for my eyes?

No, our Intense Pulsed Light device has an innovative safety feature that prevents the release of flash when the device is not fully against your skin, thus preventing the light from reaching your eyes. However, you should wear dark-skinned glasses if you wish (included).

■ How long will it take for me to see results?

Generally users get their first visible results within the first 3-4 sessions. For a complete hair removal you will need between 8 and 12 sessions. Each skin reacts differently, so the results are different from one person to another.

■ Is it painful?

Unlike other hair removal methods, IPL technology is the least painful. Most users experience only a slight tingling sensation and a transient feeling of heat!

■ What areas can I use it on?

On the whole body including certain areas of the face (except down, details in our guide) and bikini area (avoiding mucous membranes, moles and tattoos).

■ Is sweetieskin® not recommended in certain cases?

IPL  hair removal is not recommended in case of : 

- the presence of any skin abnormality (relief, texture or color) or disease affecting the skin: history of skin cancer, lupus, vitiligo, psoriasis, herpes or history of herpes on the area to be depilated, history or high risk of keloid scars, multiple nevi or dysplastic nevus;

- taking medication for photo-sensitization and anticoagulant treatments;

- application of any product on the depilated area (cosmetics, including self-tanners, essential oils, "natural" products...)

- unsuitable skin color or hair type: albinos, depigmented hair, down..;

- exposure, before or after hair removal, to natural or artificial UV rays.

- to wax eyebrows, because of the risk of damage to the eye;

- being under 15 years of age;

- if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you are taking hormonal treatments that may modify your hair;

- the presence of a tattoo on the area to be waxed.

■ How can I track my order?

An email confirmation should have been sent out shortly after making your purchase. In that email will be a tracking number and link where you can view the updated tracking of your package.  Don't forget to check your junk mail.

If you have any other questions regarding the status of your order, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email.

■ How long will it take for me to receive my package? 

We always hope that domestic orders will be delivered within 5-7 business days. If you live outside of the country, shipping length can vary. We truly appreciate your patience during this process. 

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